Timothy, the Technologist!

Yes, I call myself a self-taught computer technologist. Not in the sense of a Medical Technologist with a BA degree. But, in the sense of someone who specializes in multiple fields of technology. In my case, anything having to do with computer technology, including programming, hardware repairs, computer installations, network design and installations, voice and digital communications, computer forensics, systems analysis, business analysis, and web development.

Whew! That’s a lot of scary words and experience. So, Writer and Technologist sum it up nicely. However, if you want to get the foundation of who I am, I am a Creative! A creative who likes to write and play with computers. Yep. That’s me. Which explains why I like designing and developing web sites. I still get to play with the bits and bytes of the logic, shape the data that goes into and out of the sites and put a pretty User Interface on it.

I live in the great Pacific Northwest, where the abundance of coffee shops and hiking trails contribute to my creativity. Aside from dabbling in technology I also tell science fiction and fantasy stories (www.timothytrimble.com). I’m a public speaker and a promoter of effective life goals. I try to be insightful but usually end up being humorous as I expound upon my websites and on social media. Every now and then, you’ll find me planting one of my autographed books at a random location or just handing one to an unsuspecting person who likes to read.

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