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Unprecedented marketing of my freelance services in unprecedented times.
Do What is Necessary
A note from one of my customers. "Fantastic customer service. Thanks so much!" I recently received my Web Application Developer Certificate from Edmonds College, hoping that sharpening my skills in development would open up some employment opportunities. But, then, this: Life is what happens when you're making other plans! Thank …
New Resume Format
I updated my resume last week with my new skills, education, and projects. It was in the typical text-only format in Microsoft Word. Which is also just a boring text-only format that I have been using throughout my career. Having a semester of graphic arts made me decide that I …
College Transcript & Action Plan
My College Transcript Woot! 3.99 GPA! My wife calls me an overachiever and says I'm not happy if I'm not doing 80 with my hair on fire. Well, in many ways she's right. I've always kept myself busy. I'll be working on one thing and thinking about the next thing. …