Websites and Web Apps

Screenshot of Timothy's Newsletter site.

While I have been a developer of desktop and mobile-based software since the early ’80s, I am now focusing on web application development. With the recent advances in HTML5, CSS3, Frameworks, CMS, Reactive sites, and Progressive Web Apps – the title of “Web Developer” is a bit misleading. Web Development is no longer just the act of creating and maintaining a website. Websites are no longer just static sites of content. They are Web Applications – a blend of code, databases, servers, and reactive user interfaces. It is this mix of interactive technologies that has finally pulled me away from the realm of client-based applications into the world of web applications.

This site will show some of the web-based projects I have worked on for my own personal needs and as a part of my college studies for my Web Application Developer certificate, and some of the work I am doing for my clients.

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