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Are you frustrated with your website provider?

Do you need a website but don’t know where to begin?

Are you a small business or self-employed and don’t have the time to focus on your website?

I can completely understand and relate to those questions. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan, design, launch, and manage a website. And if you don’t have the technical knowledge required, it can be even more frustrating to try and communicate with website providers and developers.

I Can Do It for You!

Even if you don’t know where to begin or what kind of site you need, I can take care of it for you. As an experienced, personable, technologist, I will take full responsibility for getting your website onto the internet. And I won’t require you to understand the technical aspects of it!

Here are the services I provide:

Needs AnalysisThis is research into why you want a website and what you want the site to do for you. I ask a lot of questions, do some research on what similar businesses or individuals are doing, and then I put together an itemized list of tasks to be done in easy to understand English. Then you get to choose which tasks you want.
Site DesignI select a design that will work well with your requirements and I map out the structure of the site. Home page, About, Contact Us/Me, Blog, Product/Services, Media, etc.
Graphic ArtIf there is a need for customized digital art, icons, and stock photos, I can design and/or acquire what is needed.
Site HostingI work with multiple website hosting providers (services that provide computer space for your site on the internet) and I will completely set up and manage the process of getting your site onto the web.
Site MigrationIf you’re not happy with your current website provider and you want to get your site moved, I will manage the migration of your site to a new hosting platform.
Site & Content ManagementI provide ongoing maintenance and management of your website, including backups, modifications, updates, and new content.
Blogging & ArticlesAs a published writer and author, I conduct research and write content for your website blogs, and articles.
Site ExposureThis is called Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of adding keywords, phrases, and content for getting your website seen by the primary search services on the internet. Google and Bing are the largest and I’ll get your site noticed by them and thus drive more visitors to your site.
Training & SupportI can provide online and pre-recorded video training and support if you want to learn more about managing your website and its content.
Custom ServicesAdditional services that I provide are video recording and editing, podcast recording and editing, database design and management, technical writing, and much more. Just ask and I’ll let you know if I can help you with it.

Type of Clients

I am a big believer in communications, customer service, and a personal touch. Even in these days of no physical contact and social distancing, I still communicate with emails, texting, Zoom or Google Meetings, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. I only take on the clients who are open to this type of interaction and I only take on a workload that I can personally handle. If I do work with other freelancers, they are individuals who I know and I can trust. With this work ethic, I only take on specific types of customers, such as:

ArtistsIndividuals who want a site for showcasing their work and their talent, and hosting a shopping cart for their creative work. This includes authors, musicians, graphic artists, physical media artists, bloggers, poets, etc.
Self-employed ProfessionalsThis includes individuals who freelance their skills and expertise, including web developers, programmers, jewelers, crafts, woodworking, physical & emotional therapists, trainers, consultants, etc.
CelebritiesRegardless of how famous or infamous you are, you should have a website for telling the world who you are and showcasing the projects you have worked on. This also includes social influencers who may have a large following on social media but need help with their web presence.
Small BusinessMany small businesses are run by just a few people or a family, which means they are too busy to worry about a website. Having a website can help their business grow and provide a forum for keeping in touch with their customers.
HobbyistThis is an individual or group who has a very specific interest in a pastime. It could be gaming, sports, knitting, astronomy, or anything that tickles your fancy. A website can be a great place for a discussion forum, articles, and a shopping cart for fan items.
Family & Group Interests While many groups use Facebook or other social media platforms for interaction, a personal and private website detached from social media dynamics is a good choice. These sites can have discussion boards, event calendars, shared file resources, picture galleries, and video posts.

My Experience

Just take a look at my online resume and my portfolio section to see my wealth of experience and skills. I’ve been around a long time and I have worked for corporations, small businesses, and individuals. My skill set and experience are broad, which makes me the perfect supporter for your individual and small business needs.

My Rates

I bid all my projects at a very reasonable rate, but at a rate better than I would make with Door Dash. I will say that the initial Needs Analysis usually takes around 4 hours for the research and writing up the proposal. If you agree to have me do the analysis but then decide not to do the project, the minimum charge will be for the Needs Analysis.

I will give you an example of a client and project I recently accepted:


The client had a very basic website for promoting their services. The WordPress based site was very limited and many standard WP features were locked out. The hosting provider was charging above normal fees for monthly hosting and wanted additional $ for any little addition to the site.


I proposed doing research into the hosting provider and what could be done to expand the features of the site. I examined the hosting services and features. Then I made a backup of the WP source to my local host and examined the source code to see if the features could be expanded with code changes or database changes. I determined that the required changes on the existing platform would be exhaustive and expensive. I proposed a rebuild from scratch and I presented the client with a rapid prototype of the site layout.


The client approved my proposal and the Scope of Work. I built a new WP based site using a standard template that closely matched the original site and hosted it on one of my preferred providers. I used the existing content from the original site to build the pages and posts on the new site. Additional pages (Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Publications) were added to the site. New user accounts were created for the client. With the new site approval by the client, the domain name was moved from the old provider. The client is happy with me managing the site, they have the full range of functionality with WP, and the hosting cost is 1/3 of what the previous provider was charging. The total cost of this migration and implementation? Less than $600 (U.S.)!

Accepting Clients

I am currently open to accepting new clients. Feel free to contact me if you need a new site, want to have support for an existing site, or you just want to discuss your needs.

Thank you for looking.


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