Minecraft Sweeper Game

Homepage of the Minecraft Sweeper Game.
Minecraft Sweeper Game. (Click image to see site and play the game.)


Design and development of a mine-sweeper type game with a Minecraft theme. It is still under development and is almost complete.


I started this project at the beginning of my second semester (out of three) for my Web Application Developer certificate. It is mostly JavaScript code with external CSS for the layout and automatic highlighting of the squares. It includes sound and will be using AJAX for the storage of the High Scores. Manually written with MS Visual Code.


This is a fun project that takes me back to my origins as a game developer. I used this project for learning more about DHTML via JavaScript and CSS3 driven UI interaction. Once it is completed it will be publicly hosted on the web for as long as Microsoft does not file suit.

Game Lost screen
Gamer lost.
About page.
The About page.
Minecraft Sweeper Help page.
Help page.
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